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Add me fast

AddMeFast Bot Crack Free Download

Why you need AddMeFastBot?
It is a potential all in one package for all your INTERNET MARKETING It is a onetime solution to your entire social media website traffic. It is a boon for people who desire to have unlimited and uninterrupted traffic to their websites.Don’t waste your time Take immediate advantage of this great software’s outstanding functionality. Take lead of its power and its low price as soon as possible and get hundreds of new followers and fans each day along with crazy hits of websites. It’s COMPLETELY HANDS OFF

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Promote your site/blog with Jingling AKA FlowSpirit (4.0.2)

Jingling AKA FlowSpirit latest version (4.0.2)

                Zip Password : 123456 
Description :
Jingling is a Webmaster, personal blog, online writers, website promotion, internet marketing, online shop promotion and other types of network practitioners, used to improve the traffic, shops / merchandise page views, page PV (visits ), UV (unique visitors), IP (independent IP), a free web promotion software.

 Note: only when the software is running, your URL will share traffic after you exit the software, your URL will not be able to continue to share the traffic!

Easy to use Simple to use, and don't need to be registered, refreshing interface automatically upgrade permanently free, single-file green

 Highly secure Based on the principle of the sandbox, Trojan downloaders, effectively blocking all types of viruses automatically collect filter malicious URL Real and effective The principle of network-based exchange of visits, the use of a network node regional differences, the user randomness, the access effect real and effective
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Boost your traffic the easy way!

Link Collider

Boost your online presence with the #1 SEO Tool!
Link Collider will help you grow your online business, personal blogs and social networks for FREE!

Get web traffic, Facebook likes, Twitter tweets & followers,
Facebook shares, Youtube subscribers, Pinterest followers,
Tumblr & Stumbleupon posts, backlinks and better SEO.

The Best SEO Tool

Search Engine Optimization is the key to your site's success. It can make the difference between your site sitting alone with no visitors, or your site generating millions of dollars in sales. Link Collider can be that difference for you. There are many sites and consultants that will charge you a lot, but do little to move your bottom line.

The Fastest Results

When we built Link Collider, we combined all the best practices and tools to fully optimize your SEO, PageRank, Alexa, and Backlinks ratings. These improvements will give you higher web traffic and generate continuous web traffic the longer you use it.

The Biggest Opportunity

It's free and easy to use. Find out why thousands of site owners use it every day!

Over 200 million web traffic delivered and 230 million social media activities made

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Get paid by selling traffic on blog & Get traffic for your website or blog

Make money blogging! PayPerPost lets you pick your advertisers, name your own price and negotiate your own deals. You can get paid to blog on virtually any subject
Hire bloggers to blog about your company, service or website. PayPerPost gives you access to a diverse pool of bloggers from all over the world. Make offers, negotiate deals and approve posts.
How it works for bloggers

1. Register Your Blog

Provide the URL for your blog and complete the claim blog process.

2. Evaluate and Respond to Leads

Let advertisers know you are interested in their Opportunities by responding to Leads. You can choose to accept an advertisers price or negotiate.

3. Write Posts and Get Paid

When you find an Opportunity you like simply write your blog post and submit it back to the Advertiser. Funds are released to your account after 30 days. As soon as your balances reaches $50.00 you can withdraw your funds via PayPal.
How it works for advertisers

1. Create an Opportunity

Provide information about the message you want to spread and what the requirements are. Tell bloggers how many words you would like for each post and the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each post.

2. Determine High-Level Segmentation

Filter bloggers based on blog stats, categories and country.

3. Provide Linking Information

Tell bloggers where and how you would like them to direct traffic back to your site.

4. Generate Matches & Make Offers

We will provide a list of blogs that meet your segmentation requirements. You can choose to make an offer to one, some or all of those bloggers. You can also use the “Generate Leads” button to negotiate prices with bloggers on a large scale.

5. View Results

Review blog posts as they come in and manage your entire campaign from a simple dashboard.

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