Download Bluestacks Offline Installer ~ 200mb

Bluestacks Offline Installer
Hello guys, as this is the first post of the blog, i think you wouldn't mind me talking about my blog. As for what this blog is made for, its main mission is to get people to do things in one click and for free. I don't know if this mission if going to work out or not. But as i suppose, it will go well as far as you guys support us.This is the first post release of the blog and this post is also to show off that we are doing it only doing it for you. And not to mention, there are no other Bluestacks Offline Installer as i knows till the date of posting of this blog. There were sites which had Bluestacks Offline Installer link which was working  for some period, but now they are dead. And i think is the right opportunity to shine and also to show my dedication.
So guys are you ready for downloading Bluestacks Offline Installer, but before it, i wanna tell you its features and reviews on it to justify why you should use it. It is an Android emulator software which let you play or run Android apps and games on your computer or MAC. That means it allows you to download all android apps for PC very easily.
The Android devices are generally for smaller screen than our Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as Windows XP and Mac OS devices, which is not supported by by these popular Android apps, this means there is no chance to enjoy the apps of Android Google Play Store on large screen. But guys download link of bluestacks will solve this problem.

Features of Bluestacks Offline Installer for Windows

Hence, the download Bluestacks Offline Installer fulfills your dream of playing all popular & must use android apps, games like WhatsApp, Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run & many more on large vision on your PC.
Very first need to do so is download and installation of this Bluestacks App Player on your PC or 7/8/XP as well as Mac OS X. As you know on line installation there is high probability of interruption of your process because of sow internet which results in annoying frequent repetition of the downloading process.

Steps to Download Bluestacks Offline Installer

So guys, by download link for Bluestacks for Windows 7/8/XP you will get the complete installation file without any problem and not only this you can also save file to use it as many times and in as many computer as you want.

File password:[This was a blog we pre-owned]
File password:
File size: 230 mb
Cloud Storage : MediaFire
Click on the above link to direct download it will take some to to complete because it a little bit of big file. So folks, now you can enjoy any Android apps or games in your PC, we hope you won’t find any problem while installing this software.

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Clean Add Related Posts widget for blogger/blog-spot with Thumbnails

Clean Add Related Posts Widget To Blogger With Thumbnails 

Related Posts Widget

Displaying related posts is a smart way for keeping your site visitors around and with thumbnails it is even smarter!This widgets is one of most popular way to increase to showrelated post to blogger.After you will add this widget it will start above comment section.The related articles are chosen from other posts in that same category/label/tag.Related post widget help you to show visitor your past and previous stories.It also help to increase page and make readers engaged on reading your blog post.


  • Responsive Design
  • Fast Loading And SEO Friendly.
  • Shows Post of  same category/label/tag.
  • Blog Post Title with Thumbnail.
  • Easy to Install.
Steps adding the Related Posts Widget to Blogger/Blogspot

Step 1. Go To Blogger Dashboard >> Template >>Edit HTML;

Step 2. Check the "Expand widgets template" box; 

Step 3. Search (CTRL + F) for this piece of code:


Step 4. Copy and paste the below code just before/above </head>

<!--Related Posts with thumbnails Scripts and Styles Start-->
<!-- remove --><b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<style type='text/css'>
#related-posts {

#related-posts h2{
font-size: 18px;
letter-spacing: 2px;
font-weight: bold;
text-transform: none;
color: #5D5D5D;
font-family: Arial Narrow;
margin-bottom: 0.75em;
margin-top: 0em;
padding-top: 0em;
#related-posts a{
border-right: 1px dotted #DDDDDD;
#related-posts a:hover{
<script type='text/javascript'>
var defaultnoimage=&quot;;;
var maxresults=5;
var splittercolor=&quot;#DDDDDD&quot;;
var relatedpoststitle=&quot;Related Posts&quot;;
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
<!-- remove --></b:if>
<!--Related Posts with thumbnails Scripts and Styles End-->

- to change the default picture, replace the URL in blue with your own
- for displaying more than 5 posts, replace 5 value from "var maxresults=5;"
- remove the code in violet if you want the related posts to be displayed in homepage too

Step 5. Now find the following code: ( Skip 1st found - code will be paste after 2nd search )

    <div class='post-footer'>

Step 6. And just above it, copy and paste the below code:

<!-- Related Posts with Thumbnails Code Start-->
<!-- remove --><b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<div id='related-posts'>
<b:loop values='data:post.labels' var='label'>
<b:if cond='data:label.isLast != &quot;true&quot;'>
<script expr:src='&quot;/feeds/posts/default/-/&quot; + + &quot;?alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=related_results_labels_thumbs&amp;max-results=6&quot;' type='text/javascript'/></b:loop>
<script type='text/javascript'>
</div><div style='clear:both'/>
<!-- remove --></b:if>
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'><b:if cond='data:post.isFirstPost'>
<a href=''><img alt='Blogger Tricks' src=''/></a>
<!-- Related Posts with Thumbnails Code End-->

- change the 6 value from max-results=with the number of posts you want to be displayed.
- If you want the related posts to be displayed on homepage too, remove the code in violet.

Step 7. Save the Template

Hurry Previous Code Modified With Above Now its Tested by 
 Working 100% Fine.

Enjoy :)
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Add me fast

AddMeFast Bot Crack Free Download

Why you need AddMeFastBot?
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Automatic Read More Link in Blogger

Automatic Read More Link in Blogger

Automatic Read More Link For Blogger With Thumbnails i.e expandable post when clicking Read more for blogger with thumbnail of image used in blogger posts and all this work is done by the script automatically, you just don't need to locate your image the script will do all work for you automatically.Just you have to write your post and publish it with one image in post related to post.
If you don't want to add thumbnail image in post summary then i had an post previously on automatic read more link for blogger, read this.
Now how to install Automatic Read More code For Blogger With Thumbnails Demo snapshot is below.
Lets start with its installation: Now Login to Blogger Go to Layout  >> Edit HTML in your Blogger dashboard and check the "expand widget templates" box. 
Find the closing </head> tag in your blog template, and paste the following section of code immediately before it:

<script type='text/javascript'>var thumbnail_mode = "no-float" ; 
summary_noimg = 430; 
summary_img = 340; 
img_thumb_height = 100; 
img_thumb_width = 120; 
<script type='text/javascript'> 
function removeHtmlTag(strx,chop){ 

var s = strx.split("<"); 
for(var i=0;i<s.length;i++){ 
s[i] = s[i].substring(s[i].indexOf(">")+1,s[i].length); 

strx = s.join(""); 

chop = (chop < strx.length-1) ? chop : strx.length-2; 
while(strx.charAt(chop-1)!=' ' && strx.indexOf(' ',chop)!=-1) chop++; 
strx = strx.substring(0,chop-1); 
return strx+'...'; 

function createSummaryAndThumb(pID){ 
var div = document.getElementById(pID); 
var imgtag = ""; 
var img = div.getElementsByTagName("img"); 
var summ = summary_noimg; 
if(img.length>=1) { 
imgtag = '<span style="float:left; padding:0px 10px 5px 0px;"><img src="'+img[0].src+'" width="'+img_thumb_width+'px" height="'+img_thumb_height+'px"/></span>'; 
summ = summary_img; 

var summary = imgtag + '<div>' + removeHtmlTag(div.innerHTML,summ) + '</div>'; 
div.innerHTML = summary; 

Note:  in above codes we can change the numeric numbers according to our need 
summary_noimg = 430; is post cut height without image 
summary_img = 340; is post cut height with image 
img_thumb_height = 100; is thumbnail image height 
img_thumb_width = 120; is thumbnail image width

Now find this code <data:post.body/> in your template and replace it with below codes.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;static_page&quot;'><br/> 
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'> 
<div expr:id='"summary" +'><data:post.body/></div> 
<script type='text/javascript'>createSummaryAndThumb("summary<>"); 
</script> <span class='rmlink' style='float:right;padding-top:20px;'><a expr:href='data:post.url'> read more.. "<data:post.title/>"</a></span> 
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'><data:post.body/></b:if> 
Preview Your template if its showing thumbnail with read more code Save it. 
Note: You can Change Read more.. to Continue Reading.. or Read full post as you like.. Best of luck for your blog!
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FIFA 13[crack,full version 100% working]

Ultra realistic soccer action on your PC

FIFA 13 is the most complete version of the soccer sim to date, and is a strong rival to PES 2013 in the battle to be king of the soccer games. There have been several improvements over FIFA 12, which help to make this version even better.

First touch control

The new first touch control system will revolutionize the way you receive the ball. Control will become a matter of skill rather than something automatic. In FIFA 13, trapping and controlling the ball are influenced by variables such as positioning, responsiveness and the attributes of the player receiving the pass. Improper control of the ball could let your opponent in or cause the ball to run out of play.
This change is similar to when tactical defending was introduced into FIFA 12. Even experienced FIFA gamers were annoyed at first by the switch but mastering it felt oh-so satisfying. It’s likely to be the same with first touch control in FIFA 13, and hopefully, like tactical defending, there will be an option to turn it off, if you need time to get used to it.

Attacking AI

The lack of options and opportunities when attacking was one of my main problems with FIFA 12. The AI (artificial intelligence) of the attackers has been improved in FIFA 13, and players will now move around intelligently depending on their location, what’s happening in the build-up and where the spaces are.
In addition, some attackers will be better than others at avoiding being caught offside, while others can perform smart tactical movements to punch holes through for the wingers or fullbacks to run onto.

Impact engine

The impact engine is the technology that’s designed to make collisions between players more realistic. This engine has been enhanced in FIFA 13 to remove bugs. It includes a new series of animations to enhance the realism even further.
There will be better jostling between players, who can now use their shoulders and arms to help shield the ball or to tackle an opponent. Physical challenges affect speed too in FIFA 13, with attackers being slowed or thrown off balance slightly if they get knocked while in possession.


In FIFA 13, the ability to go past an opponent with a simple change of direction disappears. New moves and refined touches are introduced that allow you to select to use the inside or outside of the foot. This will be a real delight for technically-savvy FIFA players, and will bring more skill into beating your man.

Tactical free kicks

With free kicks in FIFA 13 you can have to three players around the ball. You can now create new patterns and unpredictable kicks, fake shots, and drag players out of the wall.
From a defensive perspective you can add players to the wall, or instruct one of them to come off to intercept a rebound. You can also sneakily move the wall forward a by a few inches. However, if the referee notices this, you risk getting a yellow card.

Graphics, career mode and multiplayer

FIFA 13 brings some tweaks to 3D modeling of players’ faces through the use of Dimensional Imaging. The resemblance to the computer characters’ real-life counterparts is therefore even more accurate than ever.
FIFA 13 boasts an extensive career mode, in which you assume the role of coach, player and manager of your team. In terms of online multiplayer, EA has promised – without yet revealing details – an important update to the Head to Head season.
Overall, FIFA 13 promises to be one of the most comprehensive, realistic soccer games we've seen.

Turbobit Download Links:

Letitbit Download Links:
Uploaded Download Links:

Netload  Download Links:

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Floating Social Buttons

Social Media or Social Share button is play important role in blogger blog. Submitting your blog post in the social bookmarking sites will help to increase your blog traffic and the search engines can easily find you blog post with the help of social bookmarking websites. Social MediaSharing sidebar Buttons help to spread your blog post and more chance of visitors will come on your blog. Social Share Sidebar contains collection of popular social media sharing buttons which you can add to the sidebar of your blog. Social Media Buttons Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, and Google Plus. This will increase sharing by 20-30% because of its unique and permanent position.

I strongly suggest every blogger must have a floating social media icons in the sidebar as the share options will be made visible across the blog posts We have included Face book like, Tweet, Stumble, Google Plus and Digg. Each of them comes with a live counter.

Adding the Social Share Button in Sidebar   

  1. Go to Layout
  2. Click on Add A Gadget
  3. From the pop-up window, scroll down and select HTML/Javascript
  4. Copy the below code and paste it inside the empty box.
  5. Save the gadget
<!-- Sidebar share buttons Start><style type="text/css"> #pageshare {position:fixed; bottom:5%; margin-left:-721px; float:left; border-radius:5px;-moz-border-radius:5px;-webkit-border-radius:5px;background-color: #b2e0ff;padding:0 0 2px 0;z-index:10;} #pageshare .sbutton {float:left;clear:both;margin:5px 5px 0 5px;} .fb_share_count_top {width:48px !important;} .fb_share_count_top, .fb_share_count_inner {-moz-border-radius:3px;-webkit-border-radius:3px;} .FBConnectButton_Small, .FBConnectButton_RTL_Small {width:49px !important; -moz-border-radius:3px;/*bs-fsmsb*/-webkit-border-radius:3px;} .FBConnectButton_Small .FBConnectButton_Text {padding:2px 2px 3px !important;-moz-border-radius:3px;-webkit-border-radius:3px;font-size:8px;} </style> <div id='pageshare' title="Get this from"> 
<div style="margin-left:8px;"><div class='sbutton' id='like' style='margin: 5px 0 0 5px;'><script src=''></script><fb:like layout='box_count' show_faces='false'></fb:like> </div></div> 
<br /><div class='sbutton'><a class='twitter-share-button' data-count='vertical' data-via='techkgp' expr:data-counturl='data:blog.url' href='' rel='nofollow'>Tweet</a><script src=''; type='text/javascript'></script> 
<br /><div class='sbutton' id='su'> <script src=""></script> </div> <div class='sbutton' id='digg' style='margin-left:3px;width:48px'> <script src='' type='text/javascript'></script> <a class="DiggThisButton DiggMedium"></a> </div> <div class='sbutton' id='gplusone'> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <g:plusone size="tall"></g:plusone></div><br/><div style="clear: both;font-size: 9px;text-align:center;"> 
<a href="" target="blank"><font color="red">Get This<font></font></font></a></div><!-- Sidebar share buttons End --></div></div>


    1. Vertical alignment - Change the value in Blue to fix the Bottom distance even when window is resized.
    2. Horizontal alignment - Change the value in Red of margin-left. . Increase or decrease the value based on your needs.
    3. Twitter setting - Replace Techkgp with your Twitter username
    4. Background Color - To Change the color of Background change the value of Color Code. You can use our Color Code Generators Tool for Color Code.
    5. Replacing and removing buttons - You can replace the existing buttons with your own buttons . Each button is represented by this sample code: <div class='sbutton'> Button Code Here </div>
      That’s all
      Enjoy !
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      Recent Posts Widget with the Thumbnails For Blogger Blog

      Today we are discussing about how to add Beautiful Recent Posts Widget with Thumbnails to your Blogger Blog. ThisRecent Posts Widget helps your visitors to find your recent posts quickly. Displaying small thumbnail images with post titles in the recent post widget on your Blogger blogs could be the right fix. This not only looks nice, but also visitors to click on your posts. This widget shows the Title of Post, post summaries, thumbnail of post. This Recent Posts widget will give more attraction to your blog and catch the visitors easily.

      How to add Recent Posts Widget to Blogger

      Go to Blogger > Layout
      Click on Add a Gadget
      Choose HTML/JavaScript and paste the below code in it.

      <style type='text/css'>
      img.recent_thumb {padding:1px;width:55px;height:55px;border:0;
      .recent_posts_with_thumbs {float: left;width: 100%;min-height: 70px;margin: 5px 0px 5px 0px;padding: 0;font-size:12px;}
      ul.recent_posts_with_thumbs li {padding-bottom:5px;padding-top:5px;min-height:65px;}
      .recent_posts_with_thumbs a {text-decoration:none;}
      .recent_posts_with_thumbs strong {font-size:10px;}</style>
      <script style='text/javascript' src=''></script>
      <script style='text/javascript'>
      var numposts = 5;
      var showpostthumbnails = true;
      var displaymore = false;
      var displayseparator = true;
      var showcommentnum = false;
      var showpostdate = false;
      var showpostsummary = true;
      var numchars = 100;</script>
      <script src=''></script>


      Change to Your Blog address 
      Change numposts = 5 to Show number of Recent posts with thumbnails 
      Change numchars = 100 to number of characters to show in summary of recent posts 
      Change true to false to activate or deactivate any feature of this widget 
      Save your widget. 
      That’s all 
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      Hotspot Shield Elite Crack 2013 [download 100% working]

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      • Access: Bypass censorship and firewalls.

        Our VPN solution gives you complete access to blocked content
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      Hitman Absolution[torrent,cracked]

      Hitman: Absolution follows the Original Assassin undertaking his most personal contract to date. Betrayed by the Agency and hunted by the police, Agent 47 finds himself pursuing redemption in a corrupt and twisted world Features: Showcasing Glacier 2 technology: HITMAN: ABSOLUTION has been built from the ground up, boasting a cinematic story, distinctive art direction and highly original game and sound design Contracts Mode: Create your own custom hits by choosing the level targets, weapons and the rules of assassination in an innovative new online mode. Created contracts can be shared with friends or the whole Hitman community and the money that you earn will unlock weapons upgrades and disguises Freedom of Choice: Stalk your prey, fight them head on or adapt as you go along. As Agent 47 the choice is yours thanks to highly evolved gameplay mechanics and a ground-breaking AI system Experience a Living, Breathing World: In the world of Hitman: Absolution every moment can become a story as unique characters, rich dialogue and Hollywood standard performances combine to create a gameplay experience like no other Disguises: As Agent 47, the identity of almost anyone you meet is yours for the taking. Immobilise your prey, steal their outfit and use your instinct to blend in and deceive your enemies Instinct Mode: See the world through the eyes of Agent 47 and become the world's deadliest assassin. Using Hitman: Absolution's Instinct Mode you'll predict enemy movement, discover new ways to kill and use high powered weaponry with deadly accuracy 1. Unpack the release 2. Mount or burn image 3. Install 4. Copy everything from the SKIDROW folder into the game installation 5. Block the game in your firewall and mark our cracked content as secure/trusted in your antivirus program 6. Play the game 7. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy! Minimum system requirements: Pentium Dual Core E2140 1.60GHz Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3800+ GD CPU hardware score: 3 GeForce 8600 GTS 512MB Radeon HD 2900 GT GD GPU hardware score: 4 2 GB GD RAM hardware score: 4 Win Vista 32 DX 10 10 GB Recommended system requirements: Core 2 Quad Q6400 2.13GHz Phenom 9600B Quad-Core GD CPU hardware score: 5 GeForce GTX 260 Radeon HD 6770 GD GPU hardware score: 7 4 GB GD RAM hardware score: 6 Win 7 64 DX 11 10 GB
      Link :Click here (This is Torrent please download any bittorrent client first)
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      Promote your site/blog with Jingling AKA FlowSpirit (4.0.2)

      Jingling AKA FlowSpirit latest version (4.0.2)

                      Zip Password : 123456 
      Description :
      Jingling is a Webmaster, personal blog, online writers, website promotion, internet marketing, online shop promotion and other types of network practitioners, used to improve the traffic, shops / merchandise page views, page PV (visits ), UV (unique visitors), IP (independent IP), a free web promotion software.

       Note: only when the software is running, your URL will share traffic after you exit the software, your URL will not be able to continue to share the traffic!

      Easy to use Simple to use, and don't need to be registered, refreshing interface automatically upgrade permanently free, single-file green

       Highly secure Based on the principle of the sandbox, Trojan downloaders, effectively blocking all types of viruses automatically collect filter malicious URL Real and effective The principle of network-based exchange of visits, the use of a network node regional differences, the user randomness, the access effect real and effective
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