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Referal Banners!make $0.1 dollar daily on showing their ad on your website

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Welcome to Referral Banners!

We've combined a banner network with a unique referral system to create a brand new money making opportunity! Get paid for displaying banners on your website, but also by referring other members and advertisers! Earn massive 30% commissions - up to $57.00 USD per sale!

The best strategy for referral banners

!!Get 5$ for just signing up!!
Step 1-
          First make codes for your 1 websites by code generator on the official website
Step 2-
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Step 3-
        Wait for the day till you make $15 dollar
Step 4-
        Now advertise your any websites referral banner or your own website & double your earnings
Step 5-
        Now you could be making $0.1 daily 
Step 6-
        Make many websites & earn more daily 
Step 7-    
        I am having 67 websites & i am making $15.7 dollar daily
Step 8-
        Wait for $100 to be on your account 
Step 9-
        So what, just cash-out $100 from doing nothing but just showing ads
Step 10-
        So, what are you waiting for just sign up & make real money!!Click on any banner or link

Get started! Complete these steps...

  • Purchase advertising and earn double from your referrals!
  • Add our banner code to your website, blog or social pages!
  • Get your referral link and promote it across the web!

We've transformed the tired old banner advertising model into an exciting new opportunity for both members and advertisers! Earning with Referral Banners is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1We pay you a guaranteed amount per day
to display banners on your website.

2We pay for every free member that you refer that also refers another active member.

3We pay affiliate commissions for any of your referrals that purchase advertising.

About Rogue...

Referral Banners is owned by Rogue, a registered company that has been trading online for more than ten years. Rogue also owns WordLinx, the world's oldest paid-to-click site. Over the years Rogue has built up a solid reputation for paying members on time, every time.
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What is NeoBux?

Neobux is an evolution in the Pay-per-Click industry. In its simplest form, it is a revenue generating portal where you can earn money from clicking on advertisements. Historically, the only way you could make any real money from a Pay-per-Click program, was by generating hundreds of referrals – people you refer to the site. When your referrals click on advertisements, you also got paid for their clicks.
Neobux evolved this process by allowing you to rent referrals – thus meaning you could have those hundreds of referrals active in your downline without effort or needing the know-how of how to generate them yourselves. Of course, Neobux still allows you the facility to generate direct referrals yourself, alongside renting them.
To surmise, there are 3 primary ways to make money with Neobux:
  • Clicks on ads to earn direct revenue
  • Refer people to Neobux – every time they click an ad, you get paid*
  • Rent referrals from Neobux – when the click, you get paid*
*There are different types of ads, and not all ads clicked on by your referrals – be it direct or rented – will generate you revenue. Types of ads and whether you get click commissions can be found in our Basic Neobux Guide
In addition to ad click revenue, you can also earn by completing tasks, surveys, mini jobs etc

Is Neobux a Viable and Legitimate way to Earn Money Online?

Yes. Here are a few reasons why:
  • Neobux was first registered in 2008 and has been under the same ownership and premise ever since – being in the Pay-per-Click industry for over 5 years now!
  • As of April 12, 2013 there are almost 30,000 payment proofs in the NeoBux forum
  • Also in the forum, you will find 9,000 success stories
  • Support is very responsive and helpful – whenever I have had questions, they were always answered from support within the hour. Customer support and response time is a huge indication of business morals and ethics.

Where do I Start?

The great thing about Neobux is that you can start with zero investment. In fact, you never have to make any investment. Yes, your progress, and return, will be accelerated if you do invest up front – but this is not necessary to make money with Neobux.
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Get paid by selling traffic on blog & Get traffic for your website or blog

Make money blogging! PayPerPost lets you pick your advertisers, name your own price and negotiate your own deals. You can get paid to blog on virtually any subject
Hire bloggers to blog about your company, service or website. PayPerPost gives you access to a diverse pool of bloggers from all over the world. Make offers, negotiate deals and approve posts.
How it works for bloggers

1. Register Your Blog

Provide the URL for your blog and complete the claim blog process.

2. Evaluate and Respond to Leads

Let advertisers know you are interested in their Opportunities by responding to Leads. You can choose to accept an advertisers price or negotiate.

3. Write Posts and Get Paid

When you find an Opportunity you like simply write your blog post and submit it back to the Advertiser. Funds are released to your account after 30 days. As soon as your balances reaches $50.00 you can withdraw your funds via PayPal.
How it works for advertisers

1. Create an Opportunity

Provide information about the message you want to spread and what the requirements are. Tell bloggers how many words you would like for each post and the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each post.

2. Determine High-Level Segmentation

Filter bloggers based on blog stats, categories and country.

3. Provide Linking Information

Tell bloggers where and how you would like them to direct traffic back to your site.

4. Generate Matches & Make Offers

We will provide a list of blogs that meet your segmentation requirements. You can choose to make an offer to one, some or all of those bloggers. You can also use the “Generate Leads” button to negotiate prices with bloggers on a large scale.

5. View Results

Review blog posts as they come in and manage your entire campaign from a simple dashboard.

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MAKE REAL MONEY WITH NEOBUX!!!Stratedy guide!![No investment]


We’ll supercharge this Neobux strategy and have you renting 10 referrals within 10 days utilizing some additional features within Neobux, aside from the mainstream ad clicks that generate you cash.
We’ll then use the profits from your rentals to purchase more rented referrals until we have enough money to purchase a golden membership, after which your daily profit will rise above $20 per day all with zero investment. Sound good? Then let’s begin!

Step-by-step Neobux Strategy

First, sign up for a Neobux account.
  • Click Ads – Generate 20 cents in your first 10 days
Login to your account, and right at the top, click “View Advertisements”.
neobux strategy ads & ADVERTISEMENT
When you click this, you will get a list of advertisements you can click on to earn money. There will always be a certain number of fixed advertisements that renew daily, usually around 20 or so. Unfortunately these have a relatively low yield – $0.001 per ad clicked. Your goal is to generate $0.02 per day giving you $0.20 over your first 10 days.
Tip: quite often you will see standard or extended advertisements – these give you $0.01 or $0.015 per extended ad per click – make sure you click these first if you see them, as they tend to disappear quite quickly and are equal to the money you make from 10/15 fixed or micro ads!×
  • Complete Mini Jobs – Earn $1.80 in your first 10 days
This will give you guys a great head start. Neobux Mini Jobs are simple tasks that advertisers pay you to complete via Neobux. You may have to search for a website and report its ranking in Google, or watch a YouTube video and give some form of feedback.
I spent about 60 minutes one day generating $0.79 with Neobux Mini Jobs to make sure they were legitimate ways of making extra money – they are. Your goal is to make $1.80 over 10 days, if you are dedicated this can be done in just 1 – cutting 9 days off this Neobux strategy.
neobux strategy mini jobs & TABLE
  • Earn NeoPoints – 200 per day
We can use NeoPoints as a substitute for paying for rented referral recycles. Every time we recycle a referral it costs $0.07. Alternatively, we can pay with 93 NeoPoints that cost nothing except a little time.
Note: A lot of times NeoPoints are generated by installing software on your PC. I have seen adware and spyware within these programs – so if you are going to pursue the NeoPoint tasks that include installing software, make sure you have a decent anti-virus (like the free AVG) and a competent uninstall program like Revo Uninstaller (also free) to effectively remove the programs.×
After you have generated $2 or more, you can move onto the next step:

Renting your First 10 Referrals!

The fun part of this Neobux strategy begins! You can rent your first 20 referrals.
neobux strategyRented referrals cost 20c each for 30 days rental. You want to make sure of two things here. The first is to turn AutoPay on. AutoPay automatically adds a single day onto the 30 day rental period, every day that the referral clicks on an ad. It does so at a 15% discount on the standard 20c charge. So in effect, over 30 days, AutoPay will cost you 17c rather than renewing at 20c.
3c does not sound like a lot, but carry that over 1,000 or 10,000 rented referrals as some Neobux members have, and it sure makes a big difference. As you get more experienced with Neobux, you will likely fail over to just using AutoRenew for grater discounts, but AutoPay will be your best bet starting off.
Alert! from now on it is imperative you click on at least 4 of the orange fixed ads, standard ads or extended ads. There will always be 4 orange fixed ads every day for you to click. If you don’t, you will not receive full credit for your referral’s clicks! ×
Let’s do some math. Assuming an estimate whereby your referrals click an average of 1.8 ads per day, and that you make $0.02 from your own individual clicks, plus $0.12 from Mini Jobs (typically one job) your daily income will look like:
  • Direct Revenue – $0.14
  • Referral Revenue – 10 x 1.8 x $0.005 = $0.09
  • Minus AutoPay – 10 x 0.0057 = $0.057
  • Total Daily Profit – $0.14 + $0.09 – $0.057 = $0.17
We are going to invest daily profit back into Neobux for now, to generate better income. Re-investing just profit (and not total revenue before costs) will ensure we can maintain our rented referral base.

Recap Neobux Strategy and Full Speed Ahead!

Let’s put the above revenue and costs figures into a table, and run through the next few weeks. At making $0.17 per day profit, you can afford to rent 5 new referrals every week. We should do this until we make enough to purchase a 10-pack of rented referrals as follows:
DayActionRefsRef ClicksYour ClicksMini JobsAutoPayRecylcingProfit
1Ads/MiniJobs0 $- $0.02$0.18 $- $- $0.20
10Rent 1010 $0.09 $0.02$0.12 $0.057 $- $0.17
17Rent 515 $0.14 $0.02$0.12 $0.086 $- $0.19
24Rent 520 $0.18 $0.02$0.12 $0.114 $- $0.21
31Rent 525 $0.23 $0.02$0.12 $0.143 $- $0.22
38Rent 530 $0.27 $0.02$0.12 $0.171 $- $0.24
45Rent 535 $0.32 $0.02$0.12 $0.200 $- $0.26
52Rent 540 $0.36 $0.02$0.12 $0.228 $- $0.27
59Rent 545 $0.41 $0.02$0.12 $0.257 $- $0.29
I’m making 2 assumptions here:
  • Your continuing to make money off Mini Jobs – which you should in the early days
  • Your generating NeoPoints to cover any recycling fees, which is what I did when starting out
Tip: Don’t be too put off about my note regarding Adware/Spyware and NeoPoints in the beginning of this Neobux strategy. There are other tasks there that generate NeoPoints such as surveys and signing up to free offers.×
Most of the items above are fairly self explanatory, but let’s elaborate, as it’s important you understand where the figures are coming from. We’ll be using this format for most of the remainder of this strategy.
  • Day – this represents the cumulative days you have been earning with Neobux
  • Action – this is what you do on that particular day to the left!
  • Refs – a cumulative count of how many rented referrals (RRs) you have
  • Ref Clicks – money you get from RR clicks
  • Your Clicks – money you get from your own clicks
  • Mini Jobs – money you generate from Neobux Mini Jobs each day
  • Less AutoPay – applied to all referrals, the daily cost of a RR
  • Recycling – charged at 7% of daily profit
  • Profit – this is your daily profit after all expenses

Day 60 On – Rent as many RRs as Possible

The table above shows us making $0.29 profit per day, or $2.02 per week. We can now afford to rent 10 pack. The more we reinvest our profit into referrals, the higher packs of rented referrals we will be able to afford. The below table takes us through to day 164 when we reach 300 rented referrals – the maximum number you can have as a standard member:
DayActionRefsRef ClicksYour ClicksMini JobsAutoPayRecylcingProfit
66Rent 1055 $0.50 $0.02$0.12 $0.314 $- $0.32
73Rent 1065 $0.59 $0.02$0.12 $0.371 $- $0.35
80Rent 1075 $0.68 $0.02$0.12 $0.428 $- $0.39
87Rent 1085 $0.77 $0.02$0.12 $0.485 $- $0.42
94Rent 1095 $0.86 $0.02$0.12 $0.542 $- $0.45
101Rent 15105 $0.95 $0.02$0.12 $0.599 $- $0.49
108Rent 15120 $1.08 $0.02$0.12 $0.684 $- $0.54
115Rent 15135 $1.22 $0.02$0.12 $0.770 $- $0.59
122Rent 20155 $1.40 $0.02$0.12 $0.884 $- $0.65
129Rent 20175 $1.58 $0.02$0.12 $0.998 $- $0.72
136Rent 25200 $1.80 $0.02$0.12 $1.140 $- $0.80
143Rent 25225 $2.03 $0.02$0.12 $1.283 $- $0.88
150Rent 30255 $2.30 $0.02$0.12 $1.530 $- $0.91
157Rent 30295 $2.66 $0.02$0.12 $1.770 $- $1.03
164Rent 5300 $2.70 $0.02$0.12 $1.800 $- $1.04
I’m still assuming you are using NeoPoints to pay for recycling. At 300 referrals, there won’t be too much, perhaps 3-5 per day, which is the equivalent of 1-2 NeoPoint tasks. You can always subsidize with more Mini Jobs or more NeoPoints if you find yourself slipping below 1.8 referral clicks per day to keep on target.

Day 165 – Decision Time!

Well, we’ve pretty much done all there is to do as a standard member. You now have a choice to make. You can either be satisfied with drawing out your daily profits, around $30 a month, or save up for 86 days or so and go golden. Let’s see where the latter lands us.

Day 270 – Getting your Golden Membership!

At or around day 270, you should have saved up enough profit to purchase a Golden membership, while maintaining your rented referral base of 300. The following table takes right up to day 361, just under a year.
DayActionRefsRef ClicksYour ClicksMini JobsAutoPayRecylcingProfit
270Golden!300 $5.40 $0.02$0.00 $1.800 $0.32 $3.31
277Rent 100400 $7.20 $0.02$0.00 $2.400 $0.42 $4.40
284Rent 100500 $9.00 $0.02$0.00 $3.000 $0.53 $5.50
291Rent 100600 $10.80 $0.02$0.00 $3.720 $0.63 $6.47
298Rent 100700 $12.60 $0.02$0.00 $4.340 $0.74 $7.55
305Rent 100800 $14.40 $0.02$0.00 $5.200 $0.84 $8.38
312Rent 100900 $16.20 $0.02$0.00 $5.850 $0.95 $9.43
319Rent 1001000 $18.00 $0.02$0.00 $6.500 $1.05 $10.47
326Rent 1001100 $19.80 $0.02$0.00 $7.480 $1.16 $11.19
333Rent 1001200 $21.60 $0.02$0.00 $8.160 $1.26 $12.20
340Rent 1001300 $23.40 $0.02$0.00 $9.230 $1.37 $12.83
347Rent 1001400 $25.20 $0.02$0.00 $9.940 $1.47 $13.81
354Rent 1001500 $27.00 $0.02$0.00 $10.650 $1.58 $14.80
361Rent 1001600 $28.80 $0.02$0.00 $11.840 $1.68 $15.30
A few notes:
  • I have discontinued revenue from Mini Jobs – at this level it is irrelevant
  • I have added in recycling costs at 1.5% of the number of RRs – no more NeoPoints!
  • AutoPay rates go up, the more RR’s you have – this has been taken into account

Neobux Strategy Summary Conclusion

I do want to mention AutoRenew as an addendum of sorts here. We have used AutoPay throughout this Neobux strategy, as it attracts a 15% discount, regardless of how many RR’s you have. If you’re not against introducing some capital, you may want to use AutoRenew instead of AutoPay. The AutoRenew discounts are as follows:
15 days30 days60 days90 days150 days240 days
Any AutoRenew strategy 90 days or over would incur a greater discount than the 15% AutoPay discount, but you would likely need to introduce new capital to pay for the extended rental times.
I also want to mention a couple of strategy acceleration techniques. In the early stages, it’s important to click on as many ads as possible and complete as many Mini Jobs as you can. As you probably gathered from this Neobux strategy – things are kind of slow at first, but then ramp up quite quickly. Any additional money you can make from clicks, Mini Jobs, or even by introducing a little capital can help expedite the timeline laid out in this Neobux strategy.
I hope this Neobux strategy proves useful to you, and wish you good luck!

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